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You would like to play different kind of battle flash games in this war games collection. Best and most played flash battle games are here waiting for you to try. We add new battle games regularly.

Not only people but also every living organism suffer from wars. Even today, there are wars and cities are being bombed, people are being killed. Even if everybody says that he/she hates wars, people cannot establish peace up to now. Why people makes war? In the past, people battle for resources, territory, or religion. However today you can get everything according to your economical strength and people are free to believe different religions and things. During Second World War, arm industry developed new weapons. This arm industry becomes huge and takes a big position in today’s economy and needs wars to continue its life. Maybe all countries come together to find new economical ways to exit this vicious circle. Humankind banned slavery, can cease wars. Battle games try to simulate that why wars are dangerous to world. Play and realize that even in the games, wars are very terrible for every living creature in the world. For theories why people make wars, visit the website :