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Welcome to the largest collection of the best Mario flash games from different flash game developers all over the world. We add new flash Mario games regularly. You would like to play these Mario games.

Italian plumber brothers Mario and Luigi live in Mushroom Kingdom. So Mario brothers (Super Mario Bros.) collect stars, as they jump on platforms and beat their enemy turtle race Koopa Troopas by jumping on. Bowser is the king of Koopas. Bowser tries to kidnap and wants to marry with Princess Peach and Mario tries to rescue Princess Peach. While Mario is the mascot of Nintendo, Sonic the hedgehog is the mascot of Sega. Sonic lives in Angle island and collects rings. Sonic the hedgehog can run at supersonic speed, jump and curl into a ball to attack his enemies. At the end of levels he would fights against the level boss. Super Mario and Sonic games section presents online flash games developed by fans of these games.