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Welcome to the best collection of flash fighting games from different developers. You can test your fighting skills in these fight games. We add new fighting flash games regularly.

Fighting is a common behaviour type in the world of animals. But animals fight for something curial for their lives. Only people can brawl for nothing. Human beings may conflict each other to prove that they are better fighters. What is the purpose of fighting? In the animals world, this can be some food or a living place, saving a youngster’s life or having a spouse. However in people’s world, things are more complicated. So people establish police department to prevent fighting and set up series of rules to protect weaks from strongs. Today every person have to behave others in good manners, otherwise he or she can take penalties from the society that he or she living. So while you are playing fighting games, you should remember that in real world, your opponent is a human too and be regardful to his or her rights.