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Welcome to the largest collection of board and card flash games from different developers all over the world. Best card and board games are waiting for you to enjoy and have fun. We add new board and card games regularly.

Every society invented different board and card games throughout history. Backgammon was found by Persians, chess first played by Indians, senet is one of the oldest board game played in Egypt and ancient Middle East game Qirkat is the father of the draughts or checkers. Dominoes, mahjong and go games are some of the oldest games invented in China. On the other hand, there are countless card games all over the world. Most popular card games are poker, bezique, blackjack, bridge, solitaire. Cards were first played in China in 9th century, whereas in Europe in 14th century. Both of the board and card games depends on strategy and luck, but a talented player will win more often. Examples of popular modern board games Cluedo is a murder mystery game, monopoly is an economy and property trading game, scrabble is a word game, Risk – The Game of Global Domination is a strategy game. This section contains computer flash versions of various board and card games.